Starting not at white

I earned my black belt in taekwondo more then 8 years ago. I then quit and adopted some kids and allowed life to get in the way of my fitness. Wow that was a bad plan. So two years ago and almost 10 years older, I started to take classes again with my kids. While I wanted to start from the bottom again, the GrandMaster told me that was not possible. The problem is that I did not feel like a black belt and certainly the lack of care to my body made me so much heavier and less limber than I had ever been in my life. I looked like a white belt or perhaps more accurately a no belt.

The first year back was super hard. Everything hurt most days and being held to the higher standard effected my  motivation much of the time. The second year and my body would not cooperate to save me. I broke out in shingles, which lasted almost 2 months, had reconstructive surgery to my spine (not tkd related) and was diagnosed with arthritis in much of the left side of my body (secondary to a combat injury). I was about to quit but that much time on the side cheering on my classmates got me more known to them and when it came my turn to rejoin they all cheered me on and encouraged me to come back and keep trying.

Soo now in my third year. I have lost some of the weight, learned to motor my body around to minimize impact and of course how to do all the spinning with no ability to turn my head. Yep that last part was tricky but given the titanium rod does not move, neither does my neck LOL. I am also on the assistants team and help other students learn during the classes. While I do not lead the whole class, I have been allowed to lead small group and am usually given the younger kids who are special needs and need a one on one. Yep now I love taekwondo, well all right most days I love it.

I tell folks regularly of the antics on the dojo, mostly from the mighty mites or 3-4 year olds. They have encouraged me to keep a blog and share the fun and discipline side of my hobby of kicking things.

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