Goal Achieved!!

I was late to TKD yesterday, very late. I did not want to come in fact as I had a voice lesson and was not in the mood to hear my own voice. However, my special needs buddy was in class so I did want to be there. I got there at the end of a class but had to hold the targets anyway. It got better when I started working but still I was sick of hearing myself. After class the Master Instructor asked if I would be in class at 7:15. Normally I am not in class but I told her if she needed me then I could and she told me she needed me…hmmm…ok whateves I can stay.

The next class only had four people to start and eventually it grew to six. My buddy and I knocked out the warm up and then moved onto forms. He did a really good job and asked me to do it with him a few times. We went over it and watched Mom and Dad do their form for a few minutes. He corrected his Mom for not yelling at a certain point. His Mom and Dad laughed and told him to go back to his form and leave them alone. I mean he was right but probably should not call out his parents heehee. We then moved onto sparring and of course we were partnered. He did a pretty good job but for some reason did not want to kick. I tried a lot to get him to kick me but he kept punching so I eventually had to halt him for a moment to be sure he heard me saying to kick. His parents were encouraging him to as well but he did not seem game for it today. Oh well maybe another day.

The adult and teen class was the last class of the night and it was full of adults!!! It was nice to see so many people closer to my age in class and not have to pair with one of my kids!!! We ended up running for what seemed an eternity, running, sprinting, jumping and of course kicking. We then stretched for a 10 count, meaning the instructor counted to 10 while we stretched!! After we did our forms. I paired up with the 2d degrees to do Koroyo, the brown belts for Tae Guek  8 and did Tae Guek 7 on my own. Partner drills was next and it was a lot of kicking repeatedly. It was not super hard but it got tiring after awhile even though it was self paced. After doing that for a bit we then went onto sparring and had to pick a good sized partner. We had to do four rounds of sparring before moving onto two rounds of two on one sparring. We were all soaked by the time class was over!!

Finally we get to announcements and I hear my name called. I yelled “Yes Ma’am” and ran to the front. She then handed my my red SWAT uniform!! I was so excited I could not believe it!!! Finally I got the uniform I have been chasing for months.