Online Classes

We had to go Zoom with TaeKwonDo due to someone testing positive in the school….sigh….oh well it happens. I went to a class on Tuesday and wow it is more challenging when you have to do kicks and things around grandkids and teens on a couch.

The class was labeled as conditioning which I think means we figure out what condition we are in. Turns out I am in poor condition LOL. A lot of jumping jacks were involved, a few pushups and a bunch of sit ups. The class also had mountain climbers but my knee was like nope not today so whatever. Oh and there was a crap load of jogging in place. Pretty sure we completed a 5K by the end of this black belt class. All right maybe not but it was a bunch.

We then went on to practice forms and I felt bad for the instructor. He had to help us out and use all verbal prompts because half the time we are not facing the camera. The good news is that even though I did not know Tae Geuk 4 in total I did know most of Koryo. The instructors could see that I was kicking over kids and they made a joke about it. I also had my teen take a video of the grandkids trying to do the push ups and punching it was so funny!!!

Two days later I am mentally prepping for my next class. I am not super sore but can tell I have been working out which is good and bad. Good because I did it bad because I am sore. I will practice Koryo one more time before class to make sure I remember it as for Tae Geuk 4 well I think that is more of a work in progress.

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