Fun Times

Last night was a lot of fun at TKD but mind you we still had a great work out. There were 4 of us in class, 2 second degrees and 2 first degrees. One of the assistant instructors led the class and regrettably his favorite exercise appears to be a tie between jumping jack and situps/crunches. The good news is after the “warm up” we were in fact warm. He did give us a 10 second mask and water break meaning for 10 seconds we can take off our masks and get a drink of water. I was grateful for that!!!!

We did forms again and we learned more pieces of Gae Baek. The form has a lot of steps and two arm combinations which can be tough to master. The other 1st degree was having some serious challenges with the combo when we switched from left to right so we had to go over it a bunch of times. Now mind you I don’t care because when the instructor was helping him I just did it too I mean seriously what else could I do. Eventually he got it but I felt bad for him as he looked miserable.

After a bit we moved on to heavy bags. We had to do spin back kick, which is the kick I am strongest at by far. Now since we are in square on the mat the target could go into someone else’s area so we did have to be careful. During the instruction the leader did say “use good form but not full power” as some of us can in fact knock the targets over. When he said that E, the other woman in my class did the “I’m watching you” sign around the target away from the instructor. He did see it however I think mostly because I started laughing. He went to correct E and I said “No Sir its ok I earned that and I am not offended.” He looked confused but let it go. Yes I can in fact kick over the heavy bag which, in this case, would mean it would fall on E.

We practiced that for a bit and at one point the instructor came over and said “Ma’am I am truly surprised at your accuracy given that you can’t turn your head (fact). I am not sure how you do this but you are dead accurate each time.” I thanked him and said it took a lot of practice but with time I was able to manage it. Fun fact, I have a titanium rod in my neck that goes from the base of my skull to my shoulder blades. I cannot turn my head or look down as a result. Kicks that are done behind you, or spinning around backwards (like spin hook kick) are very very difficult for me to master.

Last part of class we had to go “all out.” The instructor spent the break moving targets back because all of us are pretty strong. It was a really good work out though and not overly difficult so that is always nice. We left the mat gross and sweaty but whatever that is what exercise is for.

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