Trying Again

Wow it has been over a year since I have posted and what a year it has been. Radical Body Transformations got me off to a good start and then the producers and coaches had a big fuss and I resigned. I did not want to stop trying to get back into shape but I am too tired to deal with pettiness.

So anyway as we all know the pandemic changed almost everything in our lives. The good news is that after a bit my dojang started to do classes via Zoom. My kids and I did a few classes online but the small issue of a toddler running between us or crying for me makes it a bit tough. We did some classes though and after a bit we had to stop because it was tough without the equipment they used like noodles, targets etc.

Now we are back in the dojang on a limited basis. We have to sign up in advance to participate in classes. I have been back for 2 weeks for a total of three in person classes and boy is it weird although it feels great. We do have to wear a mask the entire time and boy does that get hot. We don’t come too close to each other and the way we do targets is a bit different. I am thoroughly enjoying though and really want to work to make this happen. The Grandmaster seemed happy that I was back to and of course this makes me feel more comfortable.

I also found out a few things about myself now that I was not aware of before. Now I can actually do 20 push ups not on my knees!!!! Yes I am really proud of myself. Jumping jacks were never a problem and neither were sit ups. A minor inconvenience though is that during sit ups, and only during sit ups my glasses fog so I cannot see, which is frustrating but not the end of the world. We were also working on spin hook kick last night and I discovered I have not actually lost the ability to do it. I was also happy about this because for me this is the most difficult kick.

So we will try a Zoom class tonight. The toddler, my granddaughter who I have custody of now, will be with us but she loves to try to copy us now. She actually went downstairs and tried to start kicking so that we knew what she wanted. She also loves to do “push ups” with Gramma.

Push ups with Gramma

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