“Radical” Transformations

Hello everyone after a long absence from TKD I am back and raring to go. Unfortunately, I had a series of life events which prevented me from participating in my favorite sport but I am back now and hopefully on point for a long time. I have also joined a challenge called “Radical Body Transformations”. It is a show which airs on Amazon Prime and You Tube and they transform people from marshmallows like me to fit people. They also train fit people to uber-swo folks.

So this week I started out in the weight room lifting weights and doing some cardio. I will be in the dojang on Saturday no worries for the infamous power classes. My goal with all this working out is to lose the excess fat I have accumulated and get more muscle definition. While it is a challenge for sure I am confident I am up for it. On the plus side, if you are voted the “most transformed” you could win a top cash prize, so there is that going on as well.

Back at the dojang many of the kids told me they missed me and gave me hugs. I was told there was a new curriculum and that it will be more clear to me on Saturday when I come. They did break up the students though for the power classes and now there is an over 21 class so I am very happy about that. It really isn’t fair to a teenager to have to spar someone my age they are not challenged and cannot grow so it is no fun. I also don’t think that jumping and spinning in the air is a reasonable expectation for someone my age so there is that as well.

But we shall see. A new year and two new challenges. Starting off on ground zero for the transformation and beginning of the year for the black belts. Hopefully all will be good.

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