Nunchuck Madness

Yep its nunchuck week again so my reflexes are in tip top shape. Now due to work and church commitments I only helped out for a day but what a day it was…yikes. I got to the dojang early to apologize for missing other classes. The Master Instructor seems relieved I am there and I look around and see no one else. OK good thing I am better than nothing. I go to get dressed and see another SWAT member, she was using the facilities so yay there are two of us.

We are on the mat and the Grandmaster says something to the Master Instructor neither SWAT person understood as it was in Korean. Suddenly I hear my name being called so I look up and see the Grandmaster motioning for me to come over to him. I run over and he tells me “You do the warm up for this class. Stationary drills, got it?” Umm sure but the book said running for 5 minutes but whatever I can listen fairly well. I go to figure out what I will be doing for 5 minutes when it dawns on me that the time might be wrong so I ask. Good thing I did, warm up was actually 10 minutes. Yikes….super long time to be in front of everyone doing the exercises. No it is not that I cannot it is just awkward to have to “show off” as it were.

So first class up and off I go. We start with 20 jumping jacks 10 push ups and 20 sit ups. No one was counting so we did 5 more sit ups. We then moved onto jogging in place, kicking up our heels, picking up our knees, kicking out our feet and then back to jogging. They claimed they were not tire..I asked LOL so we stopped and did 10 chon ji exercises. We then did super fast running and 10 more push ups. After all that we stretched for a few moments to get everything moving. I was then officially done with leading the warm up, phew it was over. Onto forms and more forms. I got the yellow belts who did not know their form. Two of four did not want to listen so it was a bit challenging. Finally after I struggled for a bit someone came to help me because the two were getting more and more rowdy and not following directions. After we moved onto nunchucks and everyone did fairly well. One new guy was smacking himself with the nunchuck so we had to help him a bit more but he was listening really well. We also had another SWAT member join us so that helped with the hands on portion of this.

Next up was the Mighty Mights and they were not in a listening mood at all. They were finally told to straighten up or they could not use their nunchucks and that seemed to get their attention pretty quick. They did some basics and then some beginning nunchuck moves. All but one did well and the one not doing well was not listening to the SWAT member trying to help him so there is not much which can be done. After nunchucks we did line drills and my line was a bit wild but now awful and with prompts did do the combinations as requested. I only got kicked a few times but since they are 3 and 4 it does not hurt.

Green belts did a better job in the next class. They were good at listening and worked hard on their forms. They moved onto nunchucks and I was helping a few of them master the higher level movements as they were not understanding them and it was their first time. Both kids were listening well though and got it after a few more attempts. Reverse figure eights are hard enough to do on your own having someone tell you is far more difficult then me taking your hand and showing you what to do.

I did not help with the advanced belts initially. They practiced their form and did a range of stationary drills. They moved onto nunchucks and I joined in. They too had more moves to learn and one fella has a hard time as the class goes a bit too fast for him when it comes to weapons so I stayed with him and he did fine. After they sparred so I did not help there as there were so few there was no real need for me to be out there with them. I was sort of glad not to be helping them to be honest as they were not answering so they had to do probably 40 push ups in total.

Last class was my class and yuck we did line drills. We started with 30 jumping jacks, 20 push up and 20 sit ups and then moved onto line drills. I am sure it only went on for 10 minutes or just under but it was hot by then so yuck. We then moved onto kicking drills that were up and down the mat some more with targets. Another 10 minutes worth I am sure even though the book said we would review forms…sigh….Everyone was glad when it was nunchuck time and yes we did 1-15 so it was good. We actually did 1-10 and then stopped for 2 sets of 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and 10 jumping jacks. I had to help my daughter as she was not getting the advanced moves and the Master Instructor helped my other daughter so I kept busy for sure.  We managed to get through all 15 and class had ended. We did a bit of stretching at the very end and of course ended up going over our class time. Oh well we were limber and only mildly sweaty at that point.

So short week but good work out for sure!!

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