Proving a Point

Last night was about proving a point I am not going to lie. I asked the other woman who had broken a 2 inch board what she had to do first. She told me “three one inch boards with spacers.” OK I was a bit nervous about that so I tried two one inch boards with spacers. I hit the boards so hard the stand they were on fell over as the boards split. One of they guys watching said out loud “Damn I don’t want to make her angry ever….” Everyone laughed but my point was made, I am pretty strong even if I am “a girl”.

Yes it is breaking week again and of course the kids broke too. I had to hold for the Mighty Mights and for the lower children’s belts. They all did a really good job with the breaking except for one little fella who was convinced we were telling him the wrong thing to do. The other SWAT member had him and she was trying to talk to him so I went over thinking maybe since I am as old as his Mom he would listen better to me. Turns out he was arguing that he could not do the break because his elbow hurt. The instructor was trying to get him to stick with something that was a bit harder and that he could easily do but he got spooked when the boards didn’t break right away. Eventually he was talked into doing it and finally after two tries did break all the boards.

The mid level kids all did really well on their breaks with me just setting them up on the stands. They all got through on the first try though some had to be coached to try a harder kick or punch as they all try to do the white/yellow moves and they are moving beyond that stage. Most were good about trying and they succeeded. One was too apprehensive so we let him break with the less complicated move. He was successful and so we told him next time harder break and he nodded.

Upper belts struggled with their breaks but I think it was because they were trying harder techniques they had not used before. While I do not hold for them I did spend a lot of time cheering them on as I know it is a bit nerve wrecking to try to break in front of people with a new move. They did succeed eventually though and all did the important task of sticking with it.

Next time we shall see….maybe 3 boards……

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