Another Testing Day

I am typing today the day AFTER the test. Yesterday was belt testing for our school and I spent from 9-1 judging kids and adults and from 1-5:30 getting judged. No you did not read that wrong the test was four and a half hours. Now the good news is that it was not all exercise all the time. We had breaks when lower and higher belts did things. We also had a break at the end when the brand new black belts to be read their thank you letters. It was however  four and a half hours in bare feet, on a plywood over cement floor. Can I tell you when we got up the final time I was not the only one who struggled. Ugg on top of that I had injured my foot earlier in the week so I was testing and limping at the same time. So much unfun.

Testing day started with the blue to red children. It then went to the Mighty Mights and white to green belts. First test I had a nice spread of belts so I could watch individuals and give some real feedback on their sheets. Second test I had one Mighty Might and the rest were green belts….yikes hard to keep track of the individual belts. I was grateful though I got my Wed buddy during one test and my Mighty Might buddy during the next test so we did not have to explain that the kids were challenged to another judge. I think the Mighty Might parents were relieved to because they knew me and knew how closely I had watched their son during normal classes. Good news is that all tests were on time and the demonstration started as it should.

At 12 I was changed over at my request to the adult and teen class to judge. I wanted to watch my kids test and since they were separate from the high belt children it would have been impossible. The adults did really good but several ended up slipping during sparring because their feet were wet and the floor was slippery. After about the third fall the Master Instructor called that portion of the test for safety reasons, it was hot and we did not need to actually use the First Aid person. They all looked pretty good at their forms too but one teen was clearly copying others so he had to go by himself. I felt bad for him as it was clear he did not have confidence but we had been told we look at others and we will be singled out to do our form soooo, its not like we didn’t know.

At 1pm I changed for my test. Now I can’t remember the whole thing but it went like this

Warm Up: 30 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 10 (3 count) mountain climbers

Form Basics: kicking, punching and kicking and punching combinations

Exercising: 20 more jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 push ups. Stop for line drills, about 40 turns of advanced kicking combinations.

Sit while candidates do their review forms. When they are done we do our review forms (Tae Geuk 7 and Tae Guek 8). Then do your belt form (Koroyo). I then got to sit while 2d degrees did their form. When completed 30 more jumping jacks.

Sit for Self defense basics by the candidates. When they did 1-10, all of us stand up and do 20 more jumping jacks followed by our knife defense and self defense 11-15. Five rounds of self defense 11-15. Refocus 20 jumping jacks.

Candidates did nun-chuck basics 1-14 while we sat. We get up and 15-20 we get to do while they sit. Then green stripe and up (that’s me) had to do the nun-chuck form. I totally messed up my form as did one other person so we got to do it again. Yikes I felt bad. We sit and 2d degrees do a brief stick demonstration.

Candidates do their individual form while we observe. Sparring gear on after and three rounds of sparring each. Sit again for 2 on 1 for the candidates (I was not called on for this).

Candidates breaking, we sit. Candidates read their thank you letters, we sit. Candidates become 1st, 2d and 3d degree black belts we sit. Formal bowing ceremony to commemorate our acceptance of them into our ranks and the Grandmaster’s acceptance of us as his black belt team. Black belt oath is read and 30 more jumping jacks for fun.

Everyone gets dismissed and we are allowed to go to the potluck dinner. OMG the food was amazing and everyone was super grateful there were chairs to sit in!!!! My foot was swollen to super size and yes a medical appointment is already scheduled for tomorrow. Gotta be honest I won’t be sad if I have to stay off of it for a bit, phew am I tired.

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