Too Much Excitement

Finished the week off with a bang…and a small bruise. Yep the fella that caught my hand during breaking really did nail me but oh well it will heal and yesterday was not that bad in terms of getting kicked so yep I will take it.

I got to class early as I wanted to ask the Master Instructor what I should do about a kid who is mouthy pretty much all the time. I know he has some challenges but at the same time you can’t be super rude to me because you are not in charge. We talked about him for a few moments and she asked me to go onto the mat as there were a bunch of kids there early and she wanted an adult present. I went out to the mat and some of the kids are playing with me. I tell them I am a delicate little flower and they try to punch me. Now it is not hard at all and completely playful you must know. Well at one point one of the little girls went behind me, I turned around quick as I hate being punched in the back and noticed she was crying. I went to my knees immediately so I could look her in the eyes and asked what was wrong. She barely got the words “Someone ran into me” out when her nose started gushing blood. OK good news is I don’t panic, I grab the kid, yell for the Master Instructor and off we go to the bathroom. Her uniform has blood splatter on it as we try to get the situation under control. My hands are covered in blood and snot….so very gross but the kid is 7 so I am not going to be mad at her. Eventually we get it all cleaned up with her and then I go onto the mat to help clean the mat. Yes we poured bleach on all the spots and scrubbed it well. We calmed the kids down (2 were freaking) and assured everyone this is why we need to be careful of others on the mat.

Class needless to say was a bit less exciting. There were 26 of them and two of us. Yep you read that right just me and the Master Instructor that is it!!! We had to get out heavy bags for line drills as there was simply too many to hold targets for. About midway through the class another SWAT member joined us and we were grateful as it is tough to wrangle all those kids AND make sure no one gets hurt on the heavy bags. They did do really well though with their kicking and punching. The Master Instructor decided against sparring because there was simply too many to safely do it with only three of us. After a million and a half rounds on the heavy bags we moved to breaking. Again for some reason unknown to me, I had to help all the kids with their breaking. They all did a super good job this time and only one person struggled with the break and it was because he was not listening or maybe understanding by what we meant when we said “go all the way down to the floor”.

Next up were the Might Mites and listening was not something they seemed to be able to do yesterday!! They were wild, running, not following directions and on and on. I thought the Master Instructor was going to pull her hair out. Seriously there were at this point 4 of us and 6 of them it should have been all right but nope. Finally she sat them all down and told them to knock it off and listen or no breaking. Well let me tell you that got their attention and how. Suddenly all ears could listen and hear. The did line drills and I only had two little guys. They did a super job!! One started to wander a bit but came each time I called him so no worries. After that we did breaking with them and everyone had success!! It as so cute to see their smiles as they walked to their parents with their broken boards.

Next up were green belts and they were not working super hard during warm up. They seemed to be distracted so almost immediately she gave the no breaking warning and straightened them right up. They did their forms as a review for the test and then they went onto line drills. My line did really good with their flying side kicks once they got the hang of turning their bodies sideways to do the kick. One kid was really good and he could really hit the target. The other two tried hard but lacked the power. Each did well though and I had a lot of fun with them. At one point the blue belt in the class started to fool around, thankfully I was correcting him as the Master Instructor came over so neither of us got into serious trouble. After they went on to do their breaks and I ended up setting up on blocks for three kids and holding twice. These guys were older but they still beamed when they got their break on the first try and no not everyone did. One gal kept breaking just one board, out of three. Finally she got the technique perfected and the boards went flying. Her parents looked super relieved.

High belts all turned out to be bodan belts so I did not help with the class. They too though were not listening and fooling around something awful. One kid was so poorly behaved that the Master Instructor made an example of him and he was embarrassed. Oh well maybe next time she says knock it off you will!! They did a killer warm up as a consequence and then after class got talked to again. I was embarrassed for them honestly as I know they know better. Eventually they got it together and started on the heavy bag drills. The one group closest to me had a rivalry going with the line next to them. The line in the middle kept moving the heavy bag back without knocking it over. The line closest to me kept knocking it over and having to put it back up again. Each time the Master Instructor praised the kids who moved the bag but did not topple it over. Oh boy were the boys upset about that, but try as they might they could not get the bag to slide across the floor. Turns out the bag was broken so that is why it only toppled and did not slide hee hee.

Last class was our class yay!!! We had a smaller class and started by running in circles. We then did kicking, kicking and lunging, kicking and squats…yep lotta kicking. We then stopped and had to do a set of 20 jumping jack, 20 sit ups and 20 push ups. I was gross by that point as it was hot and super humid on the mat. We broke off as individuals to do our form and once I did Koroyo, I joined with another black belt to do Tae Geuk 7 and Tae Geuk 8. Its two weeks till the test I have to stop mixing them up. I think next I will try by myself to be sure I am learning it and not subconsciously copying off my peers. After forms we sparred, and sparred and sparred. OMG so freaking hot and I got the Master Instructor twice so no mercy. Finally after what seemed an eternity we could break. I got to do a palm strike through a one inch pine board. I was a bit surprised it was so easy and my Grandmaster told me next time I had to use the two inch thick board. Here is to hoping he forgets by next breaking week!!!!

So all nasty and sweaty I left the mat and quickly changed clothing. We said good night to the Instructors and rode home guzzling water the whole way!!

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