Bruised Finger Week

Sooo this week is board breaking week again. I did not help out on Tuesday but was in class yesterday. I got there late as always but went right out onto the mat as there were quite a few students on the mat and only one other SWAT member I could see. They had finished up their forms and were going onto sparring so they needed someone to referee, ok no problem I can do it. Remember the mouthy kid last week, yep got him again. He did better today and I did not have to remind him to kick the target. He did get mad though as he said I missed a head kick to him and while I doubt it actually happened, the kid was a bit shorter I did reprimand the kid just in case it really did happen. After sparring was the breaking section and I got to hold board. The kids are older and higher belts so that is nice. I held for a side kick, elbow strike and jump back kick all with no ill effects or misses.

Next up were orange and white belts. At first there was only a few of them so I came off the mat, I figured I could help bundle up boards for the students. A few minutes into class though the class size multiplied so back onto the mat I went. We did line drills for a bit and my line was really good. The one younger boy kept nailing me in the hand so I made a joke out of it. At one point he nailed me in the stomach and thankfully it did not hurt at all but the Master Instructor saw it and reprimanded him. I felt bad though as I am sure he was not doing it on purpose. After a few different combos, they too moved onto sparring. They did a really good job but kept going all over the mat. I think all of the referees spent most of their time trying to be sure no one ran into each other. After a few moments of sparring we moved onto breaking.

Now I am not sure what happened here but I ended up doing all the breaks with the kids. Sometimes we could use blocks but a lot of time I had to hold. One kid nailed me on the fingers but good and I said to him “All right if you are going to try to break my finger you are going to have to kick harder. If however you want to break the boards you need to move your foot over to the center of the boards.” He smiled and then completed the break. One little fella could not get his hand technique and I had to call the Grandmaster over as I had no idea what he was doing wrong. The Grandmaster watched him and then pointed to his head. I looked at the kid and said “Look I know you can do this. The Grandmaster and Master Instructor know you can do this. The boards are not breaking because you don’t believe you can do it.” He looked at me a little confused but I reminded him he had to believe in himself and then viola the boards broke!! I was so happy for him!!!! It was a good thing to as I was out of ideas as to why the technique was not working.

Last class was green to purple belts and my kids were in it!!. We started with line drills and I paired up with my special buddy. We did suicide sprints, running, kicking and bear crawls. He was super full of energy so it took a bit to get him focused. The Master Instructor then had the belts go by color level to show the form. My middle daughter made three mistakes and kept looking at her peers so she got reprimanded. My youngest daughter and my buddy were together and they both did well. I was so relieved but also happy because then my youngest could not copy off of the other kids because my buddy struggled with the form but he did know it. We then moved onto sparring and I had three rounds with my buddy. I had to stop him at one point because he was going a bit wild and remind him to focus. His parents got concerned but I told them I would call if I needed them. I reminded him to focus and to use control and he came around and did fine. I then sparred three more matches against other kids and had quite a bit of fun. Of course onto breaking and I only had to hold for one person as there were a few SWAT members at that point.

I did have a lot of fun and my fingers survived fairly well. Hopefully tonight different fingers will be hit so that it evens it out and doesn’t cause undo stress to the previously hit ones.

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