Reprimand Reprieve!!

Yay I did it I made it a class without getting reprimanded!!! I got to the dojang on time today and saw there were no SWAT or STORM members on the mat, only the Grandmaster and the Master Instructor. When I bowed and greeted the Master Instructor she said “Oh good you are here!!” I said “Yep and getting changed immediately give me a moment” and off I went to get changed.

The first up were the children lower belts. There was 25 of them, myself the Grandmaster and Master Instructor. We were seriously outnumbered!!! We started off by dividing them into belt groups and I was given the orange belts. I had 5 kids so that was good. We had to do their form several times and we mixed it up by letting them ask questions like “why can’t I do my stances like this?” and “why do we have to have team work?” All good stuff and they did know their form so it was a good time all around. One of the kids made a small mistake but she giggled and fixed herself so I am not sure if she really made the mistake or if she was doing it so I would make the funny noise I make when someone messes up. After awhile the Grandmaster decided to test each group, my group was last. The good news……everyone in my group got their red stripe today which means they all know their form and can do it without assistance!!! I was so proud of them and made sure to tell them all about it. Yes in our school in order to test you have to have a red stripe to show you know your forms, a white strip to show you have been in class 18 times and kids have to have 3 green stripes for good behavior at home/school. We test in three weeks so it helps to get those things now!!

After the form review we did self defense moves one and two with them. My line did a really good job considering they were mostly white belts!! I told them they were super smart and that they did awesome. It is fun to make them smile with pride. We then moved onto sparring the kids who had gear. I had my former Mighty Mite twice and one of the orange belts I was teaching forms to. Both did really well and were willing to try some different moves. The orange belt was super quick too, so she kept me on my toes for sure. Definitely a good time to spar with the kids.

Next class was the Mighty Mites and there were 12 of them and four of us. OK not soo badly outnumbered this time. Unless of course you realized that Mighty Mites are 3-4 years old and nailing jello to a tree or herding cats is simpler then keeping this group on focus. We did some line drills with them which included kicking then baby crawl through our legs. For some reason these guys LOVE doing that so she does let them on occasion especially on days like today when they were being super good. We also did some self defense with them and of course I got smacked in the lip. No of course it did not hurt and the little girl felt bad so I just reminded them all to be careful so no one gets hurt. Good listening overall though and willing to follow directions so no problems there.

Next up were the green and blue belts. These are the mid-level colored belts and again they were divided up into belt groups. I was assigned to the sole blue belt!! Remember the kid that hit me yesterday by accident? Yep it was him. So when I went over to him I said “Oh thank goodness no contact today just forms” he laughed hard. He knew his form up and down though and I only had to make a few small corrections. He was in a great mood so we joked a bit and we had some fun without the Master Instructor noticing. We then moved onto self defense and I was given the green belts. The boys did a good job listening but for some reason could not stand still when waiting their turn. The Master Instructor did cut them some slack though and challenged them to do some dance moves while waiting. Clearly she was in a better mood today so that helps!! I did get kicked twice by the same little fella who professes his love for me every time he sees me. I am not sure if it was on purpose or an accident so I did not make a big deal of it in case he really did it accidentally. Eventually we moved onto sparring and I had to referee again. No big deal but I did make what felt like a thousand corrections though I am sure it was not that many. The students were all good though and listened so you can’t ask for better than that.

Advanced belts were next so I sat out for a bit. When it came time for self defense though I went back on the mat so the Master Instructor could have a break. Everyone was listening well, at that point, but your wrists do get sore from kids slapping them to get away. My guys were good and picked up the moves quickly. I think they had all done them before. We then went to sparring and I had to referee again. It was mostly going all right until I got the single black belt in the class. I made a few corrections to him and then suddenly he started to get mouthy. I had told him to be careful as he was getting near his opponents face and he told me I was blind and then pretend kicked her in the knee and said “Oh is that her face too it might as well be” This continued for a few seconds but it attracted the attention of the Master Instructor. The match stopped and his mouth was still running. Another SWAT member stared in utter disbelief at the rudeness of the student and finally I just looked at him (when I saw the shocked look on the other parents faces) and said “Enough, I am an adult and a higher black belt than you. You will not talk to me that way.” He shoved into me which attracted the Master Instructor and then he got in trouble. Ugg sometimes kids are just plain foolish I swear!!

Last class was my class…oh my foot! We started with 5 sets of 10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups and 10 push ups. We then went onto our forms individually. After doing our form twice we had to do 2 sets of 10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups and 10 push ups and continue this cycle until she said stop. Ummm was not sure we were ever going to hear that word to be honest. After we paired up and did self defense one through five. I was paired with my daughter and we had a good time of it. I was used as the test dummy for two of five moves and so I cannot complain. While we were practicing two of my classmates mentioned sparring. My daughter groaned but I stayed silent. Did I mention I hate sparring? So sure enough we had to suit up we did three rounds of one on one then we moved to two on ones. I went against someone, had a break to referee, then went against someone else, then had to defend for myself. I swear she made that match extra long. Class finally ended, 15 minutes late, and I limped painfully off the mat, I have a bone spur in my heel and tonight yikes can I feel it.

I got changed as my uniform was just nasty and before I left I heard the Master Instructor calling me. I went to her and she said “Thank you I do appreciate your help.”

See this is why I don’t stay hating tae kwon do for long!!

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