A Reprimand a Day

Today I am a bit peeved about Tae Kwon Do. Now don’t get me wrong I will be over it by tomorrow at the latest but for right now I am miffed entirely…here is the low down…..

Yesterday I went to the school to see that three college students had returned so there was no need for me to be on the mat. While I was not unhappy to not be on the mat, it annoyed me because I could have run errands instead of sitting on my butt waiting for nothing. Turned out the one who runs the Pro Shop would have to leave early so I was advised that I would be manning the Pro Shop. Ok not the same as helping in class but whatever I am a team player and I will do what I need to do to help out. Pro Shop is heinously boring!!! Seriously boring. At one point my BFF and my daughter came over to talk to me. Now it was NOT time for class, we were not talking loud and there was NO ONE at the Pro Shop. The Master Instructor came over and said “Only one person behind the desk you two get out of here” Umm I am literally doing not a darn thing why can’t I talk to my kid and my best friend. No one was touching anything either, we were literally just standing and talking. OK whatever… let it roll

So today I get to class late because I have to work late on Wednesdays. I get in and go to pay for my t-shirts, the retreat we are doing and to sign a waiver I need to sign. I then get dressed and head onto the mat. There are three STORM team members (demonstration team) and one SWAT member with the Master Instructor and Grandmaster. I am instructed to take over for a STORM member and we don’t argue with the Grandmaster we simply swap. We went through the rest of the class and I thought no issues. When classes ended the Master Instructor was talking to the Grandmaster (her father) and she appeared to be pissed off and angry. Well they were talking in Korean so I had no real idea what was going on so I left to the other side of the mat. When the Master Instructor is done she comes up to me and says to me in a VERY short tone of voice “The next time you come in late and you see a STORM team member leading get your uniform on immediately and come onto the  mat. Don’t waste time.” All I could think was “Dudette I am a freaking volunteer!!!” But I say nothing past “Yes Ma’am” no point arguing she is already aggravated.

Next class are the older kids, lower belts. The class was going all right, we were instructing self defense moves and the kids were picking up on it slowly but definitely getting it. So all seemed to be going well. Then the kids were sent to get on their sparring gear and the Grandmaster had me referee the rounds. OK no issue done this a few times before. One set of kids was struggling though, the lower orange belt was having a hard time kicking the chest protector of the SWAT member. I told the orange belt several times to kick higher but he seemed not to listen. The match is called and the Grandmaster calls away the SWAT member. He speaks to him for a moment then he is back. The sparring starts again suddenly the Grandmaster stops the match and says to the orange belt “kick higher” The Grandmaster then swats me on the arm and says “Tell him to kick higher don’t let him do this wrong.” OK first of all I had been doing that and second of all don’t swat me I am not your child I am three years younger than you. Of course you don’t argue with the Grandmaster but both the other SWAT member and I looked at each other like WTF?!?!?! Be a ball, let it roll…….

The last class was the class my buddy was in and for self defense I was pulled out of his line and put with the boys. Now not too upsetting I have a friendly relationship with three of the four in my line and they are all good listeners I must admit. HOWEVER….two are really bad judges of distance!!! I got punched in the chin by one and kneed in the stomach by another. OK it did not really hurt but more caught me off guard completely. The Master Instructor saw the punch to the chin and did ask if I was all right. I assured both the child and the Instructor it was fine just a bit of an accident. We continued the lesson with a bit less contact thankfully!! After a bit we had to have them spar and I got spar my buddy. We ended up doing two rounds and he did pretty good. He was being a bit dramatic today but still in all he was doing all right. I ended up sparring one other girl without gear so she could kick me but I could not kick her. I also refereed a few rounds.

Class ends and I go to leave and the Grandmaster asks me where my kids are. I tell him they are with a friend and that I had some time to myself. He smiled and told me to have a good night. I then bowed to the Master Instructor and she smiled and said “Thanks for all your help today I appreciate it.”



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