Power Class for 1st Dans

Today we had a black belt power class. Before class I was talking to one of the other students when we heard the Head Instructor call our names. Everyone got up and moved but he said “No only these two” OK I had an immediate pang of conscious, yes I was talking but we were both stretching. Oh and we were not the only ones talking either so what gives?!?! The Head Instructor said “We have a 10 minute warm up today, you two will lead it. Ms. J you will go first and Ms S you will go second.” Small problem I am not Ms J she is a Bodan and not in my class. I said to the Head Instructor “Yes I understand I am to go first but I am not Ms. J she is a Bodan. But I understand your confusion we share the same first name.” He looked puzzled a minute and said “No you know what I don’t know your last name no wonder I am off.” I laughed and told him and he laughed too.

So we started the class and I ended up doing the warm up first. We did 30 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 10 mountain climbers, running in place, knees up, kicking your butt, knees up again, jogging then stretching. I was really relieved to hand the class over to Ms S and she gave us a good ab workout so we were sure all muscles got used prior to starting the class for real. It was so nerve wrecking really because I hate to stand in front of my peers and feel like I am going to fail. No no one said anything but still I felt that way the whole time.

Next up was “review forms”. Now review is in quotes because I was not good at Tae Guek 7 and I had all but forgotten most of the moves. Fan-freakin-tastic I will be the reason we have to go over it a half a million times. Well nothing we can do suck it up. Turns out I made one mistake and corrected a few more on my own. The one mistake got me called out but given we had to do it about 8 times being called out once is not the end of the world honestly. I felt worse for the kid in front of me, he got called out and asked the meaning of self discipline. When his peer rescued him the instructor reiterated “Yes doing what you are supposed to do because you know you are supposed to do it. Not because you are waiting for me to tell you to do it.” Poor kid was embarrassed but she offered the same correction three times so I think she was getting frustrated and we are black belts its not like we don’t know what a “chamber hand” is supposed to look like. We then moved onto Tae Guek 8 and most of this I did remember but forgot one step. Fortunately, a few people forgot in different places so we did not get singled out for this one. We reviewed it about four times and by the end I mostly had it. I do need to practice it this week though because I can’t do it without looking at peers and that is a big no go. She threatened to pull us out as individuals if we could not do it without looking soooo lets not let that happen.

We were then sent off the mat for our nunchucks. We had to practice a pattern called the “Cobra form”. I do like nunchucks enough but I dreaded the form because the last move was so fast I never caught all of it. I felt bad but always choked there even though I knew in theory what was supposed to happen. So we reviewed it step by step and the Head Instructor explained it differently than my Master Instructor did and then suddenly it clicked!! I was thrilled that I could finally do the last moves without whacking myself in the face or arm. After we moved onto fighting basics. It was a review of 13-18 which was not too bad but honestly one of them neither my partner nor I ever remember doing. The rest were good though just a quick this is what the number is and we could do it. They are all punching and kicking combinations so it was a good way to refresh what numbers are what.

Pairing up again we did hapkido and it was a bunch of fun. Hapkido is self defense and we only practiced the advanced techniques. My partner struggled with one but knew what she had to do. I think sometimes that is harder because when you don’t know and you can’t do it its one thing but when you know and can’t make your body cooperate it is straight up frustrating. She did end up getting it though so I was glad for her. We then moved to knife self defense. I was fortunately I remembered all of them. My partner did not remember them but she was a quick learn so I suspect it has just been awhile since she has done them and not so much that she did not know them. Of course if she really didn’t know them then my hat’s off to her because she got them darn quick.

Finally class ended a whole 1 hour and 45 minutes after it started. We left the mat and high-fived the higher belts just coming onto the mat. I did not envy them, peace out I am going to sit somewhere and just sit!!!

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