SWAT Class

Ugggg today was soooo frustrating and not just for me!! Toward the end of the class we were reviewing self defense because this upcoming week that is what we will be teaching. Now as a black belt I know 15 moves and 5 wrist locks. A majority of the class knows the same as I do with the exception of the four under belts who do not go past I think 5. Anyway today the Grandmaster and one of the Head Instructors decided to change up two, three and five on us to make it simpler for the kids to learn. Well here is the catch, if you say to me “number 2” I am by rote memory going to do something which is now wrong….sigh……we had to redo these three moves and get them down correctly so we could help teach next week. You know how confusing this was?!?! Anyway we did learn it eventually but not before I got palm struck in the nose by my BFF. Nope not kidding, she was not using distance correctly and nailed me. Worst part, almost the whole class saw it and those who did not see her strike me definitely saw me reel back and tear up. No my  nose it not broken just a bit sore is all.

But that part was AFTER the warm up which lasted 20 minutes, how do I know this because he had 4 of us go for 5 minutes. See I can do basic math too. The Head Instructor had us lead the large group for warm ups. The catch was we had to mix it up and keep to time. I was the last one to go. The three others had gone and then the Grandmaster made some comments. The Grandmaster then said “OK new person” and the Head Instructor pointed to me. I got up to the front of the room and stood awkwardly for a half a second before saying “What am I supposed to do?” The Grandmaster said “Do what you do” Yeah I had NO idea what that meant so I looked at the Head Instructor and he clarified that it meant run 5 more minutes of warm up. I lead jogging in place, high knees, sit ups, six inches, bicycles, push ups, toe touches, lunges and jumping jacks. No one said anything when I was done so I supposed I did it correctly.

We then broke into our teaching groups and we had to practice leading forms. I was first up as an assistant and was corrected because I was walking between students but not always doing the form at the same time. Truth was she was going fast and I didn’t have time but no point arguing I was wrong and I got it. Everyone went though an iteration and then we wrapped up but the Grandmaster said we had five more minutes. The Head Instructor said “Who hasn’t been up here yet?” and my buddy and I raised our hands because technically we led warm ups not forms. He called my buddy and said to me “Well we know you are loud”. Ummm compliment I suppose. Eventually I had to lead a form and I made two glaring errors one I caught and corrected the other I did not. I was mortified but ok it happens I completely misspoke. I knew the move but called it the wrong thing soooo moving on. The Head Instructor was not upset he laughed and just pointed out how everyone makes mistakes no big deal.

We then formed groups of three and had to practice refereeing sparring. It is not hard but some folks had issues getting too close to the sparring parties. I have done it so much before I did not really have a lot to learn but still it was a good review. I did ask some questions about motivating people and if it was all right to stop a match to coach, if a kid seemed stuck in responding. I got kicked by my partner and started laughing because it was supposed to be no contact sparring. She said I could hit her back but it was not hard and a complete accident so I did not. I was scolded for laughing but whatever it was an accident and all I could think was “hey you hit my belly” which is why I was laughing to begin with. I know immature.

Class went for two and a half hours so everyone was glad when it was over.

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