Jump Rope Wednesday

For the record, if you get hit by a jump rope with plastic tubes on it, it does leave a mark. I implore you to learn from my mistake and not try this at home I actually have a small welt on my middle finger where I took one for the team today in family class. Worst part, it was totally my fault can’t even blame the kid he had no idea I was behind him.

See here was the culprit….thanks BeBodySmart. com

Image result for jump ropes

Anyway yes that is what we were doing today and when I got whacked was actually the third class so it was not that bad. It means I survived two without injury.

First class was really small and they did not need a lot of assistance as they were all red belts. I was a few minutes late so I did not have to hold targets during the drills I just cheered people on at first. Eventually when they moved to sparring I had to help watch a pair of kids but otherwise no real issues and fun to watch.

Second class was low belts and they needed a lot of help. There were two new kids and I was paired up with a little girl whose first day was today. She was so cute and was about 6 years old. She had her hair in little poofs with panda pony tail holders!!! She worked super hard at the beginning of class then I got split from her to tend to the boys. We lined them up for target drills and I had a line of rambunctious boys. They were good don’t get me wrong just super high energy and since the Master Instructor split the kids into the lines I know she did this to me on purpose.  They did follow directions for the most part and only got a little silly. I made the mistake of saying my cat could punch harder to one of the boys so then each time a kid came up they made an animal sound. The Master Instructor looked like she wanted to say something but they were doing what they  needed to do so after she shot me a look I did reign them in, oh well. Good class though and when we finally got to spar I was back with panda pony tail holder again. We did no contact two kick sparring and she was absolutely adorable!! It was hard not to laugh at her when she kicked!!

The third class was the green belts and their family members and I got to spend time with my buddy. I was actually coming out onto the mat after getting my jump rope when he smacked me with the rope but again not his fault he did not know I was behind him coming onto the mat. My fault for not watching. We did some jumping rope, then intervals with 10 jumps, 3 sit ups and 3 push ups. He was a trooper and hung in there for a good amount of time. He got bored during stretching and his Dad prompted him many many times. During line drills I was moved from him to another line because another young fella was begging the Master Instructor to let me hold for them. My line did all right but for some reason, one could not point his toes, one could not follow a direction and the other had a case of the giggles. My buddy had an utter melt down in his line because he stubbed his toe and I felt bad for his parents. He eventually had to leave the mat though his parents stayed on the mat. It came time to spar and I convinced him his toe would be all right because his sparring shoes would protect it. He did an ok job at sparring tonight and was not paired with a peer because he was really struggling with his behavior, but I don’t care I love having time with him. His Mom even said to me “You are really good with him want him for a weekend?” I laughed and said “No thanks managing two of my own” and we both laughed.

Left the mat a mildly sweating mess and went to get the girls. Good class overall but boy is my voice tired!!!!

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