Family Classes and “Stretching”

OK this time let me start with a funny from toward the end of class and then tell you of the day events.

Sooo tonight at TKD started fiercely hot. Toward the end (of the night) I saw the Grandmaster shutting the windows. Now I don’t argue because hey he is the Grandmaster but I did mutter to myself. He came over and playfully hit me on the chest protector and said “I’m going to cook you.” Yeah we thought that but then the fans kicked in so it was all right.

You have to admit that is funny and except that the classes were super hot to that point he really did cool the place down for us so the last class had it a lot better than the previous three classes.

Sooo tonight, well I got to the class a bit late because on Wed I have to work late. When I got there the higher belts were already on the mat doing some running drills. I hung back until they went to go spar as I knew that they would need help with that. Now it really was warm and me not doing much was sweating. I felt bad for the kids in their gear. They were good though and only had to do a few rounds. A couple wanted to do two on ones so they spent some time doing that as well. Yes still stretching week, yes it was limited to the last five minutes of class. Sigh…..

Next up were the low belts but this class had almost as many STORM (the demonstration team) members as it did regular students so I came off the mat after all what do you need me for? The Grandmaster motioned for me to come back on the mat and while I did not do much initially while they were doing line drills, when they broke up to do sparring I got paired with kids to do target sparring. Now target sparring, in this class is me holding a piece of x-ray paper and telling the under belts what to do so I hold it out and say “two punches” or “lifting kick” and we go at it for a minute. I did four rounds of this and again was sweating. These guys did not have gear as they were too new but the STORM members were wearing chest protectors so I felt for them. Yes they were sweating like it was their job.

The last class that I do is the mid level belts. In this class was my buddy who requires some one on one attention so his parents can focus on themselves. Soooo we ran 5 laps of running down and back, 5 lengths lifting kick, running and jumping in the middle, 5 lengths stretch kick the mercifully we went to sparring. Did I mention how disgusting I was at this point. Now my buddy is a sweet kid but requires a ton of prompts so it is a lot of work on top of the physical part. We get to sparring and this is when I have to put on my chest protector as the STORM members have disappeared and I appear to be the only SWAT member on the mat. This is when the Grandmaster started shutting windows and I can’t even type the rude thoughts I had but anyway…..I then had to spar my buddy for two rounds. I then rotated for three more rounds. Last round was with a fella who likes to brag. He was telling his Mom and his sitter (who was my daughters nursery school teacher) that he was going to kick my butt when he got to spar me. Now normally I don’t care when kids brag like this buttttttt……he and I go to the same church as well so no I am not going to let this happen. We finally spar and he is not good at all. He was talking smack the whole time so I would kick and not make contact as he had on no gear. He got in 2 hits and I got over 12 but he dismissed the victory as “Well you are a black belt so you have to do better than me.” Umm no you were bragging so I wanted to teach you a lesson LOL We then went on to the five minutes of continuous prompts, I mean stretching with my buddy.

Sooo totally ruined my morning shower and now I have to shower again. Had a cool down walk around the store as I got groceries then picked up my kiddos. Good day overall but as yesterday minimal stretching.

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