Buddy Week

Today is part of Buddy Week, where you can bring a friend and they can take a class with you free of charge. While many of the kids do in fact bring their school friends, some kids bring their parents. Today we had a mix of kids and parents in the class.

First up were the lower belts, older kids. In this class two people brought adults, one brought a kid friend. The two adults were apprehensive on the mat and I don’t blame them. One professed she does not work out and one was a man in his late 50s maybe early 60’s. I told them both do what you can stop as you need. For jumping up and down exercises they could simply jog in place. They were both troopers and while they did suck wind tremendously they gave it their all and you have to respect that. The younger child did pretty well but did admit it was harder than she thought it would be.

Second class was Mighty  Mights and again we had a mix of parents and kids with friends. We did line drills to make it simple and target practice so they could participate without knowing too much. The adults hung tough and did a fairly decent job of the warm up. This group was younger in age but most looked like they had at least stayed in fair shape. The kids in this group were a bit shyer and they took awhile to warm up but after a few minutes they were plugging along just like their friends. Two of the adults I must admit were impressive. Their kicks were head level right out of the box which is usually unheard of but not for these two!!! One was in my line so I praised her up and down and told her that she really was doing a great job. It was weird though none of the adults wanted to do the baby crawl through the SWAT members legs….weird LOL

Third class only had one friend but it had a seemingly large number of white belts. When broken into group to do their forms I helped the Master Instructor because she clearly had the largest group and one of the fellas can be a bit more supervision intensive. Surprisingly today though he did really well and only needed one prompt which is basically nothing compared to his usual so maybe he is catching on. One white belt had a friend and he tried super hard to do it all but seemed to get confused. After a few additional prompts he did pick up the blocking and all and then he admitted he hoped he could take more classes.

I was off the mat after that as I had to do grocery shopping. On my way out I saw a student’s friend playing with nun-chucks and asked him if he could please not play with them as they were a weapon not a toy. The father looked at me and said “Please they are foam they are a toy.” So I looked at him and said “Sir I am sorry to correct you but in this school nun-chucks are considered weapons and all students regardless of age or belt level is reminded they are NOT to be used outside of the mat or without parental permission. They most certainly CANNOT be swung randomly in a common area where someone could get hurt.” This parent then went to try to purchase them as a souvenir and had to be told again, they are weapons not toys and could only be purchased by students who were being instructed as such. The same parent then tried to get a metal sword and had to be told that only Master Instructors have real swords and that the practice swords are only sold to students enrolled in the school because they too were a weapon.

Yikes!!! Well on a positive note he was pleasant about the rebuttal.

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