SWAT Class

Friday we had SWAT class and we learned a bunch of new things. First of all the Grandmaster was not there so there was not a death warm up. It was a good paced but quick warm up with instruction mixed in this time. We did jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups and then did the entire cycle two more times. It was intense but not awful really. We then moved into groups to do the instructing portion of the class.

When in the groups each member takes a turn at leading the other group members in either forms or warm up depending on what the lead instructor says. The instructor we had was from the Albany school and gave four of us warm ups then started me with doing forms. I had a blast teaching my “students” Do San. I was cut slack though and they  had to pretend they did know all the moves but could not do it on their own. A group like this is super easy to lead. We went through this exercises for about 30 minutes then we went into line drills.

While doing line drills we are critiqued on how we hold the target for the students. If we are not holding correctly or could get hurt we are stopped and instructed on how to do it correctly, or told what specifically we were doing wrong. Turns out for the push kicks with the paddle targets I was holding them wrong and potentially could have injured my wrist. Good to know, so I thanked him after all I don’t want to get hurt. I cheered my team on by name because I think it is more motivating to do that then just say “good job”. When the drills were over, the Master Instructor in charge made an example of me and said to the group “You see how she calls out each person and says something specific like good power or good speed. I want to see more of that.” I was happy I was doing it right but also a bit embarrassed as I had not set out to be the example I just know that I like to  hear what I am doing right not just “good job”

Class ended on time of course but it was definitely less intense then when the Grandmaster does it, but nope I will not complain. I learned a lot in the class and did actually have fun practicing instruction so all is well.

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