Duck Week

OK not really, it is nun-chuck week again and this means that we spend a portion of each class dodging kids with wayward weapons. So much fun and yes my jerk away reflex is faster tonight thanks to class. Did I get hit, yes a few times, did it hurt no the nun-chucks are foam on the outside until you are a black belt.

The first class I missed because I forgot my uniform. Yes seriously brought the kids uniforms out to the car, left mine on the table. The next class was Mighty Mights and they were FULL of energy. They did a pretty good job listening but required a ton of hands on and reminders these were weapons not toys. Several of the boys were convinced they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and could do what they wanted with them. Yes it was unfortunate when we had to remind them to knock it off or we take the nun-chucks and they sit down. Fortunately they straightened themselves out pretty quick after that threat.

Next class was the older kids and they did pretty good overall. They  started with forms and one white belt was all over the place and not listening. I stood next to him and basically held his shoulder for a majority of the class to keep him in line and where he needed to be. He did all right with target drills but the rest of the class, I was on him like glue. He was none to happy about it either but oh well, if you can’t follow the Master Instructor’s directions you get one on one time.

I stepped off the mat for the higher belts as they knew what they were doing in forms. One new student was trying to master one of the new form moves and she could not get it. The SWAT member looked at me and motioned so I came over and told her to tilt her wrist up a bit and viola she got it. Phew that was easy!! One guy was struggling and I did not see him as I had come off the mat after helping, suddenly his Mom came up to me and said “I hate to bother you but my son is lost can you help him?” I looked over and sure enough poor guy was looking dazed and confused. In his defense though it was tougher moves and he had never learned them before as he was a newer belt. Fortunately, with a little extra coaching he got it and was able to do all but one of the moves he needed to and honestly the one he did not get is the one I struggle with too so I am going to guess my teaching on that one was not up to par.

Our class did a crap load of running at first. Seriously that and push ups, sit ups and jumping jack sets. My arms are still burning from the sets, yikes. We also worked on nun-chucks and went through moves 6-15. I helped my kids with moves 6-10 as they were not catching on but then I had to practice 11-15 as those are on my test!! I am all right with most of the patterns but one seems to evade me, pattern 14 to be specific. Yep the one I could barely teach to the kid in the class before me. I worked hard at it but for some reason it seems all unnatural so I struggle to make the moves look fluid at all. The whole time I do that pattern there is a disconnect between my brain and my hands I swear.

Oh well should be a good week and I will have plenty of time to practice pattern 14.

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