Returning to the mat

So the last two weeks have been a bit crazy on the home front so my time at TKD was limited. Last night however I did manage to get back out on the mat and have fun with the kids and of course challenge myself. They did a schedule revamp so some of the classes are switched a bit but nothing too drastic, mostly that now my class is at 7:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that I have SWAT class and the next day Black Belt class on every second and fourth Fri/Sat. Oh ma legs, is all I have to say about that.

Last night we started with the older kids and they were really well behaved. They were starting combinations to challenge themselves and most did well. During the line drills some still needed help with push ups and feet holding for sit ups but they really were quite independent. The next class was the Mighty Mites and I was paired with two high spirited little guys. One has challenges and tries hard, the other is brand new so he doesn’t always understand the instructions. There was a lot of redirecting and refocusing prompts but a majority of my time was spent in the line drills keeping them far enough away from the person kicking and punching that they did not get hurt.

The next two classes were for the older kids, higher belts. The Master Instructor was getting frustrated because it was clear they were not working on their best anything. One class was full and yet lacked focus, the other only had 4 kids so it was tough to keep going. I offered to help but one kid had fallen during the rolls and banged his head so I ended up watching his sister while he parents tended to the small bump and reassured him he was not going to die (yes he was being dramatic). The little sister was funny though and kept offering me her pacifier. Apparently I must have looked frazzled and she wanted to help me out. It was cute but somehow I am not sure a binky would have helped the situation. Of course I did thank her but told her no thank you.

Our class was tough. We started with line drills and then went to partner drills. The Grandmaster led the class and so the Master Instructor was my partner. Fun fact, when paired with the Master Instructor there is no slowing down or stopping. There is little conversation and you get one heck of a work out. After what seemed to be an eternity of target drills we have geared up for sparring moves. We ended up practicing the slide back round house kick combination several times before we headed to sparring. Ultimately we ended up sparring three rounds before four of us were soaked with sweat and praying to whatever god would listen to end the class LOL.

This morning I can feel it in my calves but supposedly this is a good pain…um its pain I object. Oh well got the weekend to recover before going back on Tuesday. Go our team.

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