Time Escapes Me.

So if you saw my blog in October you can see that I am not really in good shape. As my family likes to say “as round as you are tall” no not a compliment. Anyway I know I needed to do better so I asked the doctor if I could see a nutritionist. My reasoning was simple, obviously I am exercising but I am always tired and still overweight so clearly my diet needed to change. My doctor is wonderful and agreed with me. So on Wed of last week I saw a nutritionist for the first time in my life. I decided to be brutally honest, after all I did not get this size not eating sooo lets be real about what was happening.

Within minutes she had me understanding how very wrong all of what I was eating was. She explained different elements to me and how I tended to eat a lot of the things which broke down into sugar (fruit and pasta) and not even close to enough protein (I am a vegetarian). She gave me a new meal plan and told me to give it a try. I was worried I would be grumpy and miserable and the competition was on Saturday. First couple of days was tough. Then the Championship came to be.

I competed, and lost in breaking. I did the first and third break correctly, the second; my foot slid off and I ended up not breaking almost all boards. OMG that stunk big time!!!!! I did congratulate the winner as she looked awesome and hey if I am going to lose at least let the person who won look fantastic and she did for sure!!! I felt good about the day overall and it was fun to judge the other kids as they performed. A few burst into tears but it happens sometimes as they get themselves worked up quite a bit. I have to tell you though the Mighty Mites looked adorable in their breaking and forms.

Tuesday came and we practiced new forms. The Mighty Mites class exploded and it was huge. There were easily 12-15 kids and only three assistant instructors. We had the worst time trying to reign in that many kiddos for the amazingly long half hour that the class is. WOW everyone had their patience tested in that class for sure. The older kids were better for sure. Since it was new forms week a lot had to learn something brand new and per usual some got it right away others struggled. They did try hard so that counts. When it came time for the higher belts, I had to work with a kid who does not want to be there. He knew his form, but did not care to do it correctly or even try to look good. I kept making corrections and he walked off the mat to get a drink. Yep he got in trouble for that one. I mean I get it you are not wanting to be there but talk to your parents don’t take it out on me.

Our class had to do forms too. Almost half the class had a new form to learn. I did not so I went by myself through my form a few times before helping out with my kiddo who was just not getting the steps down even though the instructor was doing a good job explaining. We then had to spar and I am pretty sure a miracle happened at that point. We had to spar two rounds then we were all pulled off the mat and we were set up in matches that would duplicate what we would have had to do in competition. I hate sparring, let me be clear. My first match was against a 17 year old. She is quick but hesitates quite a bit so I used that to my advantage. For 90 seconds we went at it and then the match was called. The miracle? I won the match!!!! I have not won a match in three years. We then had a 10 second break and went at it again. This time I was against someone who is 47 so it was a better match for sure (I’m 49). Downside, I had just sparred she had not. Soooo she came out stronger but thankfully I caught a second wind and went onto win a second round!!! The Grandmaster looked at me and said “Where does this come from I have never seen it before?” I told him I started a new eating plan and he smiled.

Thursday class was more of the same. I sparred three matches, tied in one and won the other two. The Master Instructor said she was impressed as she never thought I could move as much as I did but guess what? Revamp my eating and suddenly I have a  lot more energy to do what I need to do on the mat. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no way awesome or amazing but hey definitely feel the difference!!

So with 10 days down and 7 pounds lost, I am pretty sure I am heading in the right direction to get myself in better shape for sure.

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