Green Tape-or lack thereof

Yesterday we had our test in Tae Kwon Do. Now for those that don’t know there are levels to each belt. I am working on my fifth level for my first degree black belt. There are nine levels. The other black belts in my class were also working on their  levels, some were first degrees like me others were second and third degrees. We took it on a hard wood floor, if I said my shins are killing me right now I would be sugar coating it. Motrin is my friend as is the heating pad.

We started with 50 jumping jacks and every 10 we had to turn to the left. Yes ultimately making a circle as we jumped. We were then dropped for 20 push up, 10 mountain climbers, 10 more mountain climbers because we were not loud enough, then kept in the push up position because several of us slipped on the wooden floor. After what seemed and eternity we got up to do combinations and this lasted a good 20 minutes. We then went onto practice our wrist lock techniques. After wrist locks we had to do our one steps. Unfortunately some folks were rusty so the Grand-master got pissed at all of us. How does that translate? Four rounds of 2 minute sparring, full gear and you got extra time if you “went soft” on your partner. I have never been so grateful in my life to switch to weapons testing. Actually that part of the test was a piece of cake, I love using my bo-staff and only had to demonstrate the basics.

Three hours later we were done. No one got their promotion stripes because he was mad at us. Most of us then had to spend the rest of the day judging all the under belts in their testing. It was such a crazy long day and the worst part was at the end all the lactic acid build up made getting up to hand out belts just down right uncomfortable. Uggg such is the high speed life of a black belt.

I was told though that I will get my stripe on the next class. This is good news as I was a bit aggravated that I did not get it when I knew all parts of the test and was helping my partner so he could pass as well. Yes I know one fails we all fail but part of me is still three and stomps my feet saying “Its not fair!!”

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