Leading by example

I helped out yesterday per usual. The lower belts were good and the group I had knew their form inside and out. I had them go in different directions and even with their eyes closed and still they did what they needed to do when they needed to so I was super impressed. Of course their high fives needed work so I told them all to give me a better high five or I would make them pink belts because they were so delicate. They started to laugh but got the idea and gave better high fives after that. I was so proud of them.

The mighty  mights had a real struggle and I am not sure why. It might be because there were so many of them. They did eventually get it together though and practiced their basics to get ready for their test. One of the newer guys was doing a super job and when he got a lot of praise from all the instructor team he just beamed!! The one kid who I had a while back who gave my arms the crazy work out trying to hold him in place..only needed two hands on shoulder touches to get him back on track. I was stunned he was so incredibly behaved!! I was also super proud of him to as it was nice to see him growing and getting more disciplined. I hope his parents were just as  proud.

The mid belt kids class was a lot of kicking. Normally I don’t help with them but due to staff shortages I had to hold targets. They did a lot of spin combinations at first then punching combos and my line did really well. I was impressed with how fast they could make corrections. They also practiced their form and my group was the black belts and they did really well. Both of them knew their form and primarily needed me for fine tuning and reminders to slow down when performing their form.

My class…..uggggg…..ok first of all one of the office staff was not there so the Master Instructor was going to lead our class. Her sister greets us and then says “Hey ANYM, how do you feel about doing the warm up?” Apparently my laughing was not the answer she was looking for and she told me to do it anyway. Yikes, it was fun and demanding because there was no going soft, I was in front and had to lead. I made them laugh and made them do push ups, sit ups, jogging in place and some jumping jacks to get us going. While we were jogging I sang in a sing song type voice “Running running running, we are running no where” and many laughed. After the Master Instructor came out and decided we needed to work on our kicks while laying on our sides, yikes my hip flexers are still  telling me things I had no concept they understood. We worked our abdominal muscles out too and overall got one heck of a work out. When it came time for forms most of them did really well. My form looked ok but my kicks sucked since my legs were soo sore from the kicking and holding we did earlier.

No classes tonight as it is blizzarding outside. Oh well the test is on Saturday so hopefully all will go well.

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