Oh ma’ legs

Two hour SWAT class…..oh my aching legs…..my poor knees….oh heck my whole body  knows it got a work out. As I jokingly said to a peer in class “Well at least my hair follicles don’t hurt.” The Grandmaster just smiled.

We started with 30 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups and repeat. We then did the combination again with mountain climbers. We moved onto combinations and did practice after practice after practice. After what seemed to be an eternity, turned out to be only 45 minutes in. We moved on to partner stretches for a bit and thankfully my partner was as grossly sweating and dripping as I was. Small prize I thought. We then did target drills and more target drills.

After we broke into groups and took turns “teaching” the other students whatever we were assigned. I went second and had to do kicking. I had a blast getting everyone involved and had a lot of fun. We got coached after we did our part and were given pointers on what we did right and what to remember. Pretty much everyone got a turn and we alternated between, warm ups and doing forms. Doing forms is a little more intense because you have to remember stances and hand movements but the people leading did a really good job.

The last thing we did was actually kind of cool but tiring. We had to get into groups of five and four of us grabbed targets, different shapes. You then had to go from person to person for 30 seconds while they shouted out what you had to do. So I had a shield target so I said things like push kick, spin back kick, step side kick etc. We did a round each then we all went again. While it was fun mixing it up it was tiring and so tonight I am quite sure I will sleep well.

The class was definitely challenging but not as bad as the last one we had so I was grateful. I still managed to get a sweat angel work out on top of it all and some super good practice stretching. I got a lot of good feedback on leading and actually enjoyed most of the class.

Sooooo off to the showers with me, providing my legs will work correctly LOL.

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