Conditioning Week

This week should come with a disclaimer. You will find out this week you are not in the condition you thought. Its a self discovery week really, you find out how badly you cannot really stretch and how high your endurance actually is.

For me it means sweat angels because there is no way I am in good shape. Yes working on it, no not there yet. Oh what is a sweat angel, well it means when I lie down on the mat I leave a sweat imprint Yes disgusting, good news I am not the only one doing it. Bad news, well I am doing it. Better news they Clorox the mat when adults are done because yep many of us are this gross. Have you ever made a sweat angel? While I am proud of myself for pushing myself hard enough to soak a uniform, I am embarrassed that I am this far out of shape.

We started with jumping jacks, then we did relays, the target drills and more target drills. OMG I HATE TARGET DRILLS!!!! Yikes it seemed they would never end. Did I mention we did target drills because we did a boatload of them as well. When we finally got to the stretching part everyone was almost too tired to move. I felt bad for my partner, she had to make contact with me to push me further into a stretch. Poor partner.

The other classes, well they got quite the workout as well. The older low belts had an obstacle course to run 5 times. All of them were hot and sweaty when done. They had to crawl up, under and over. I am sooooo glad we don’t have to do that in our class. I worked on form with my former Mighty Might. OMG he did such an amazing job!!!!! He did so well the Grandmaster came over and said to him that he was doing such a good job he could learn two more steps in his form. I was sooooo happy for him I wanted to hug him but instead we high five-d  a lot. His parents were so proud as well so that was really good to see.

Mighty Might class and I got my orange belt buddy. He was a bit more focused then usual and he did a good job with the speed drills. He did cause a small problem with another child but the two of us (me and another SWAT member) were able to bring them back and refocus them. He was being mouthy but when I showed him I could actually be faster than him, he started to pay more attention. Overall they all did a really good job and were focused on their combinations.

Yikes conditioning week is a challenge and while I cannot go to class tonight (no sitter) I will definitely go tomorrow and see if I can get another “sweat angel workout”.

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