Sorry Brief Hiatus

Ok so what is not in my blog is that I have an avulsion fracture in my finger. So what that means is I cannot do a lot of things with my left hand through no fault of TKD. It recently had to be reset so I missed two days of classes as it is cast and I was in way too much pain to even consider doing a push up much less trying to use the finger in any way, hence my momentary absence.

However on Monday, before it got reset, I did attend a black belt class. No it was not a power class it was just a regular class for the black belts. It was an hour long though still felt like years. The Grandmaster led us and started with 30 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, and 20 sit up intervals. We had to do three sets of them before moving on to kicking and blocking combinations. We were doing a myriad of combinations for several moments before moving onto pairs to practice what we were acting out before. I do like the pair drills because you can see how the moves would work on a real person.

After we moved onto forms. He had the second degree and above go to the front of the mat and the first degrees go to the back. You know when you know something is about to go all wrong but you are helpless to stop it. Well that is the feeling I had as I realized that when we broke up into two groups, the only adult SWAT member was me. I had two junior members in my group but I was the only adult. The second I realized it I heard the Grandmaster’s voice:

“ANYM you are in charge of the first degrees.”

OK in case you didn’t know there are 9 levels to first degree. I am on the fourth level. The junior SWAT members are as well. Three others were higher ranking than I was and the rest were under me. I was mortified!!! I in no way wanted to lead these guys even though I did know the form and I can make the corrections as we just had them on the past Saturday. Sigh…its about doing what you should do not what you want to do. So of course I led them and we did what we had to do. I helped those who were struggling and we had a decent time of it even though I was miserable having to instruct them all. They all were good though and seemed un-phased by my reservations.

We went back to the middle for some more partner drills then we did stretching. The stretching where you sit facing each other then put your feet on their legs and pull them up by their belt to get into a full split. My partner did great, me not so much. I can’t do the front split, I can only do the one on the side where you face left or right. Good news I got an awesome stretch, of course down side is that I may never be in the full split club LOL.

When class finally ended we were reminded testing is in three week and competition is in four. We were reminded we have to sign up for judging both and that we are encouraged to participate in the competition to “set the example” for the colored belts. As the Master Instructor wants me to do breaking, I guess I will have to sign up. I am not really awesome looking at my form so I don’t think I have to compete there but we shall see. Sparring nope can’t compete, my cervical spine is fused so I can’t get head kicks so I am automatically disqualified. Nope not even gonna say I am sad about that as I HATE sparring.

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