Black Belt Class

Sooo today was yet another black belt power class, Translation, two hours of exercise with minimal mercy….sigh…

Started off stretching for about a minute. We then moved to 50 jumping jacks, thirty push ups, 30 sit ups. He then stepped it down to 30 jumping jacks, 20 diamond push ups and 20 sit ups. We stretched for another minute then went right into review forms. We had to do Do San about four times, Yul Guek three times and then Korroyo about seven times. In between each form we had to do jumping jacks to keep us limber.

We also did knife defense and wrist lock combinations. They are not as stressful but heaven forbid you mess up when the Grandmaster walks by. Whoever messes up, this time it was me, gets to get in the hold with the Grandmaster. My hand is still tingling from the wrist lock but hey positive note I can do it now no issues. My partner laughed at me when he walked away and said “Well now you won’t forget, course you probably won’t use that wrist either but hey its all learning.”

My buddy was struggling with her form. I felt bad for her but totally related. I struggled with this form too and it was like watching a past episode of my own form. I could tell she was discouraged so I offered after class to help her at another time to give her body and mind a break. She was appreciative and several other classmates offered to help as well. After all one fails we all fail, well not really but we can’t leave a classmate behind that is just uncalled for.

After class we talked for a bit, she was concerned about memorizing the form I kept reassuring her. Other students gave her praise too as we know Korroyo is hard for some people. We are going to go to a black belt class on Monday to see if we can catch up, also because we have to practice with our bo-staff for the exam. I love bo-staff so I can’t wait for class in two days!!!!!

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