Facing Facts

OK so I will admit I chickened out of my breaking last night. Now the good news is I was publicly chastised for it so tomorrow, when the school is open again I will have to do my speed break practice. I am quite sure she wants me to do my power break practice too but for the moment I am trying to focus on visualizing the break she proposed.

Now as you see in the video I posted of me breaking in October, I am not exactly a lean mean fighting machine. Sooooo speed is my nemesis and the thing that takes me down hardest (other than my own lack of confidence). The Master Instructor told me she wants me to try something new. She wants me to do do a speed break instead of a spinning break for this championship. I did ask her why and she simply replied “Because you can do it.” All right then guess we are not going to discuss it. She wants me to power through three boards next to each other in a single kick. She wants me to do a roundhouse kick through them all.

OK I can break three board with spacers, no doubt. But I have never actually gotten through three boards being held by two people in a line before and there is a whole mental aspect. Yes I know I am mental that is the aspect. Actually I am not really sure why I think it is hard, as the instructor points out, I am capable of breaking more then three boards with spacers soooo there is in theory no difference. Well yes but no, so tomorrow I will have to practice this move and between then and now convince myself I can do it.

The others, well they were great. We had in the teen/adult class several break and they all did well. One got a little hung up on one break but I honestly think first time it was too high and the next two tries she psyched herself out. Nope not judging….been there myself. But the good news is that in the end she did in fact end up completing her breaks and we were all quite proud of her. We also had another young lady actually do a cartwheel to a knee break and WOW did it look amazing when she did it!!! I was totally impressed!!!!

The kids were pretty good too with their techniques. A couple had a hard time but it was mostly from the aiming aspect not that they were not strong enough. One kid went under a few times and several kicked instructors hands. Sooo ok they need to work on aim. Some did really well though and you can tell, especially with the younger ones that “flying” anything is the preferred kick. It was so cute to see the focus come sharp as they readied their arms for hand techniques, even the one guy who struggles at times with not fidgeting, focused hard to make his break happen.
I was proud of everyone who tried, and now I will talk myself into doing what I do love to do but am concerned I will choke about…..


See not really that scary when spacers are added.

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