Breaking Week

Its breaking week and we have to practice what we will be using in the competition in five weeks. I have a video of the one break I did the last time. The problem was that I only succeeded in this break. I had two other breaks and choked, completely and totally choked.

Sooooo I did not want to go to competition this time as I am not thrilled I did so poorly. The Master Instructor was insistent though and told me that I should do it again and just use this week to practice. The small issues, each time I practice my combination I blow through 23 boards…..yep 23. Two sets of 10 as seen here and then a speed break of 3.

I cannot get out of it for real though as it is just a mind game. I know that I have the strength to do it correctly, but what I lack is confidence. I have to do a hand combination and a foot combination for the power break. For the speed break you get more points for kicks so I have to combine spinning and kicking. Small problem, I have a fused cervical spine so I can’t turn my head and spinning is challenging to say the least.

I am not sure how to talk myself into it but know I have to. I will buy a crap load of boards and then on demand break as requested. The kids love it and think I am “so strong” OK they are half inch pine boards, it is not really a super challenge, unless of course you choke LOL.

Good news is that the kids love it so this week should be a lot of fun as they all show off their muscles.

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