Team Work

Last night our class was about team work. We had to duck walk with a heavy bag balanced between us, bunny hop while holding onto your partners belt and of course several relay races. My partners were my daughter and another black belt. We did all right but got dropped for push ups when we lost control of our heavy bag and it almost ran into another student. Oh well that’s the breaks I suppose. I also had to spar against the best female sparer we have. No seriously she goes to championships and wins. Well if I said she kicked my buttocks I would not be lying but she was sweet and did offer me several pointers on how to be better. She also demonstrated one of them when it was clear I did not understand, so I was quite grateful.

We also did nunchucks and it was not super exciting. We only did the basics so it was not super exciting but there was a new person in the class so it was probably best. By the end of the class everyone seemed to have the first 5 moves so that was a good place to get  to. I helped a bit as my daughter was a tad confused, but mostly just had fun seeing how much noise I could make with mine as mine are metal and hum when spun. Yes I know super juvenile but oh well.

The kids…well they are not so much about teamwork. The first class did several relays and some target drills as there were a bunch of them and not so many assistants. They so wanted to use the nunchucks but they were not so good at listening so they had to wait. When they finally did get it together they only had a few minutes of time with them. Given their energy levels, the Master Instructor also had them spar eachother. It was fun referring them and making sure they did not do anything like kick eachother in the face. Overall they did do well and only one kiddo had to be talked to.

Mighty Mights were uber cute. There was less of them so they were more one on one. They too did target drills and were kicking and punching their little hearts out. They are not allowed to spar but they did have nunchucks. Most of them did really well this time and the one who was struggling was more not paying attention than not able to do it. Nope didn’t get hit this time, so my reflexes were back to where they needed to be. We also had them hugging their nunchucks instead of trying to hold them in their smalll hands so it worked much better.

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