Duck Week

OK technically it is nun-chuck week, but when you work with kids who don’t know how to use them, it quickly becomes “Lets not get hit in the head week.” Now the nun-chucks the kids use are foam so even when (not if) you get hit it really does not hurt, its just an annoyance.

First up the younger kids. Many of them had used the nun-chucks before so that made it easier. Also a combination weather and low attendance gave each kid practically a one on one. One of the kids just moved up from the Mighty Mights and he was all nerves but he did well. We worked on all of them with forms first, then we went to work on nun-chucks. I lavished praise on him with the first few parts of his form, and he beamed with pride. He was a good little trooper trying to put together all the pieces he had learned before into specific patterns. By the end he mostly had it too!!!!

Nun-chucks were a lot of fun. Most of the kids required minimal assistance but two were more hands on. I messed up once and bonked myself in the head, well that will learn me. The kids were good though and caught on fairly quickly. One fella struggled a bit but then all of the sudden it clicked and he caught on faster so that was awesome. The former Mighty Might did really well and handled his nun-chucks like a pro. You could tell he was really having a good time.

Next up were the Mighty Mights and yes they too did some nun-chucks after practicing their power kicking and punching. One guy was having a lot of trouble not talking and had to go off the mat for a bit to “regroup” The others were showing good focus and even Peanut had a good time during the drills. When they got to the nun-chucks they did a good job of following directions, except when she said to hold them in one hand. Most of their hands are soo tiny they can’t hold two nun-chucks, oooops. They ended up having to hug them to their chest so as to not play with them when they were not supposed to.

Older kids did well on their own though I did help two with some of their kicks. They knew what to do in theory but had trouble making their bodies do it. I showed them step by step and after two shows they were doing it like pros. When they did nun-chucks, most had it down except for the reverse figure eight, which is tough I have to admit. They did a bunch of basic moves and most were really doing well with it and appeared to be having fun.

My class in total did 100 jumping jacks, 80+ sit up and 80+ push ups at intervals. We did punching and kicking combinations as well and then finally broke for form practice. I ended up helping my kids so I did not practice my form until after class but both my kids got it so that was a small win for my team. We also had fun with nun-chucks but no one rally needed assistance as we have all used them before and we were only going to basic move number 8. The highlight though was striking a foam noodle with the nun-chuck and seeing if you could knock it out of your partners hand. My daughter was my partner so it was not too much of a challenge but still a lot of fun!!!

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