SWAT Class

No don’t get excited SWAT means Special Working Assistant Teachers. Yes the instructor team is called that when referenced as a group on the mat. Well last night was the Instructor team workout….wow…..just wow…..

We started with 50 jumping jacks, turn to the left every 10. We then did 10 regular push ups, 10 diamond push up, 10 wide armed push ups. Then we flipped over for 20 sit ups, 6-inches, bicycles and scissors. We then had to do V sit ups where you bring your legs and arms up at the same time. We had a 10 second break and the did the whole sit ups push ups cycle again, this time with Superman’s added in. Breathing became optional as you seriously doubted you would ever catch your breath again. We had to start over twice because we had not counted as a group. See we are a team we do it all together or we all get to do it again.

We then stretched for 2 minutes and had 2 minutes to catch our breath. Yes it was a group instruction stretch but at this point only the newer team members didn’t know how to catch their breath in this time, the rest of us mastered that trick. If you could not touch your toes with your feet together, you were admonished. Yes I was admonished and I am a half an inch from the ground. OK OK I got it but come on, I am older, heavier and took 6 years off of course I lost some flexibility. We were told we cannot lead stretches until we could touch the floor…fine I will work on it….geez……

After stretching we did two kick sparring, which I do enjoy. We also did about 45 minutes straight of combinations moves before class finally came to an end after 2 hours. EVERYONE was absolutely soaked EVERYONE even the Master Instructors. He than wanted us all to hug 5 people before we left, any  idea how gross that was?!?! Yikes the shower could not come fast enough but unfortunately when you have jelly arms and jelly  legs, fast is nothing you can actually do. On a positive note another night of sound sleep and this morning I am a bit tired but not sore so all is good.

“Runnin out of breath but I, oh I, I got stamina. Uh oh, see another mountain to climb but oh, coh I got stamina…..”

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