So my general approach to sparring is to go the entire time at a regular pace. Now I am picking up speed but I am in no way quick or going to win awards. Yesterday we did the jump rope work out and then sparred with the kids and did the same in the adult class. Ugg did I mention I just don’t like sparring?

So first up is the little lower belts. We did two kick no contact sparring for kids without gear and then sparring with light contact for kids with gear. Now mind you assistants don’t wear gear with the kids because we are all black belts and in theory can handle a kick from a child. So three rounds no contact and two round contact. A bit taxing but not too bad, breathing heavy but not earth shattering or sweating. One of our little guys who typically has a lot of trouble focusing actually did a bit better I think because it was more interactive and less waiting. There was a lost earring, a bloody nose and heaven forbid a bug on the mat as our challenges last night. Earring was found, mom took care of bloody nose and I took the stink bug off the mat and threw it outside much to the chagrin of the smaller bug fearing children.

Next was the Mighty Mites and they did target drills. The one child who started last week did such a good job tonight, much more focused and following directions. I got to give him a bunch of high fives for his good work. The little girl in my line kept taking out her hair tie and trying to give it to her Dad but he wanted her to wear it in her hair. She finally handed it to me and said “Nope not gonna wear it” OK whatever have hair in your face silly one. They did a really nice job though and even started to learn a jump kick which a few of them actually mastered before class was over!!!

Our class yikes. OK we started off just jumping rope, your own speed. We did intervals of that and sets of push ups and sit ups. OK at your own pace works and despite the fact we were pushing ourselves, it was totally manageable. Well then we had to spar with gear on..yikes. OK so first up since me and the tallest person in class as we were in gear first and so we spar until the rest of class comes onto the mat. Did I mention I am the shortest person in the class because I am. We then did another four rounds of sparring and alternating partners. I was fairly sure that my uniform was going to have to be wrung out before I went home I was so nasty.

Was it a successful class? Well I slept through my alarm this morning so I am going to have to say yes!!!! Oh and did I mention tonight we have class for the instructor team only? No wonder Sia song goes through my head:

Don’t give up, I won’t give up
Don’t give up, no no no
Don’t give up, I won’t give up
Don’t give up, no no no

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