Jumping Rope

I get to class on Wednesday after the first class starts. The class is the children’s higher belts and fortunately they don’t need a lot of assistance. I helped out here and there as someone needed but overall not really a big help. The next class was the lower belts and so I joined in full force with them.

Have you ever dodged rows of spinning jump ropes? It keep you on your toes for sure as the rope jump ropes don’t sting too much but the plastic ones….yikes. We had three white  belts who had never jumped rope before so of course lesson one is how to jump rope. They all listened great and after a few practice swings jumping fairly regularly. We then did line drills and tons of kicking. My line was super motivated, or maybe it was just me being my usual super loud self and them just giggling….yeah that is closer to the truth.

Next class my 10 year old buddy was in!!! I was so excited, I grabbed my jump rope and side by side we did the drills. I have to admit he is a faster jumper than I am and he got great pleasure out of beating me jumping wise. We ran lengths of the mat, jumped rope some more and then finished with sparring.  He did a really nice job. At one point he was even able to go with a peer, which has not happened very often as he loses focus due to his diagnosis. It is so nice to also see his growth as when he first came he would melt down into tears if he was not paired up with Mom or Dad, now he just checks in with them periodically and does class on his own.

Wow what a sweaty mess I was after class, between reigning him in and doing all the exercises myself, yep a good workout all around. He is such fun to work with, I am glad he came and we could pair up together.

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