Budding Maturity

Last night I had to pair up with a little fella who is just fresh from the 3-4 year old class and into the “big kids class”. He had been doing super in his classes often being chosen as an example because of his good focus and direction following. It was his second time in the “big kid” class and while he struggled to keep up he kept on trying just the same. I ended up working on his form with him. He had to learn 8 moves. Now he is just 5 years old so repetition is key and after several tries, I gave him a break. He looked at me and said “You are killing me” and put himself down on the floor with a smile and dramatic fall. I laughed and said “Oh I am sorry Might Mite, it’s not your turn for class, this is the big kids class. You will need to go sit down.” He giggled out loud and jumped back up on his feet to start again. We slowed down and he of course got through it!!! What a little trooper!!!

When that class was ending I went to get the Mighty Mites as we were sitting the first one on the mat says “Why is *** on the mat already?” I said “Well he is in the big boy’s and girl’s class because he is 5 and proved he had good focus and control. Sometime when you get to be 5 you might have a chance to move up to this class too but only if you have good listening skills and good control.” The little eyes got all big as clearly my little fella was their new demi-god.

One little guy, we call him Peanut, as he is so small, was really impressed with the moving up. He focused better than ever before and even though his usual assistant person was not there he still did all he was supposed to. Great considering how anxious he used to be when she was not around. At one point it did get loud and he ran off the mat crying but after reassurance from Mom and Dad, he took my hand and came back to the mat to finish his class. He crawled into my lap during announcements and I kept telling him how proud I was and what a great job he did. He had a huge smile!!! It was amazing to see him gain such confidence.

We left earlier than usual last night due to weather but we will be back tonight for more fun and games. Yep still jump rope week so I still am practicing my jumping and not getting hit with a rope skills.



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