Nailing Jello

When I leave for classes on T-Th I often tell my co-workers I am going to nail jello to a tree now. Sometimes I tell them I am herding cats but either way you get the idea, kids and tkd are so challenging but so freaking cute!!!

T and Th we have the younger low belts first. While many have good attention and motivation sometimes one or two just needs a bit more attention to get themselves on track. Each of the assistants seem to have the kids that glom onto them. The good news is that since I am older they don’t try to climb on my like they do to the teen helpers. Of course anytime there is a parent need (boo boos, hurt feelings, potty breaks etc) none of the teens exist, its a weird little decision matrix they have. I have my three or four I won’t lie who come onto the mat and run full force to give me a hug and I do love it.

Next is the mighty mites and when you are three and four, you basically need someone one on one so each assistant has one maybe two kids they practically hand hold through the class. Its an all hands on deck sort of approach and as the kids learn the correct behavior and moves, you move to more of a coaching role. I do have one in this class who is mine and mine alone. For whatever the reason this little fella can’t focus for more than a few seconds and it is my sole job to keep him on the mat and literally hold him during breaks or instruction. What a work out let me tell you squirming four year old is enough to challenge many muscle groups.

On W we have the older kids and the family class. For these sometimes I lead a small group but mostly focus on the identified special needs students to partner with them and go through the lessons. Can I tell ya my 10 year old buddy is sooo sweet, and his parents are absolutely amazing. I LOVE working with him despite the challenges that come with his diagnosis. It is a bit chaotic when all ages come together but we do have fun doing the exercises, even if duck walking hurts your knees a bit.

My kids and I take tkd classes at night and while I am in that class I do not usually teach as I am also student. I do sometimes have to break out to help a new belt with a form but usually it is me spending 45 minutes trying not to drip sweat too much on the mat (yes I know gross). Also trying to not get hurt or inadvertently die on the mat.

Sooo we shall see how the week goes. It is jump rope week so dodging will be the skill I need to hone for a bit. But regardless, I will keep you posted.

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